How to get to Camotes Island.

From Cebu City

Your route: Cebu to Port of Danao, then Danao Port to Camotes Island

Cebu to Port of Danao

By Taxi

Just hop a ride and say let’s go to Danao Port. You might find some taxi drivers refusing to go to Danao. It’s not that they are a smug or something, it is just that danao port is an hour ride from Cebu city and it might be not worth their while carrying a passenger that far from their main source of income. But hey! if the price is right, you'll be able to get one.

By Bus

The cheapest way to go to Danao port would be by bus. Ceres bus and other busses are available at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. Hop a ride going to Cebu North Bus Terminal and ask around for busses that would pass by or that goes to Danao port.

By Jeepney

From Cebu City, again you can ask around jeepneys that goes to Cebu North Bus Terminal and the rest is above or you can take the alternate route.

Hop on a jeepney going to Mandaue City, and from Mandaue City ask around for Jeepneys that goes to Danao City or Danao Port.

Don’t worry it isn’t that hard to find Danao port, it is very close to the highway and you can even see it from the jeepney, bus or taxi that you are riding in.

Danao to Camotes Island

From Danao Port, buy a boat ticket going to Camotes Island. There are several boats here going either to Consuelo, San Francisco, Poro or Kawit. There are boat transport services namely; Shuttle Super Ferry, Jomalia Shipping Lines and some pumpboats (Ave Maria, Santo Nino de Cebu)

Boat fares ranges from 150 pesos to 300 pesos (one-way ticket price)

From there just enjoy the ride and the sceneries. You might also get lucky and spot some migrating dolphins along the way.

On busy days like holidays:

Jomalia Shipping lines has four boats a day going from Danao to Consuelo scheduled at:

  1. 5:30am,
  2. 08:30am,
  3. 12:00pm and,
  4. 05:30pm.

For Airconditioned room ticket is 200 Pesos and for non-airconditioned room ticket costs 180 Pesos.

There are also four boats daily going back from Port of Consuelo, ( Barangay Consuelo, San Francisco, Camotes Island to Danao.

  1. 5:30am
  2. 09:00am,
  3. 02:00pm and,
  4. 04:00pm with this company.

The Super Shuttle Ferry goes once a day from Danao to Consuelo and once to Poro. There is also one boat a day going back from Consuelo to Danao and one from Poro to Danao.

Danao to Consuelo – 6:30am

Danao to Poro – 1:00pm

Consuelo to Danao – 10:00am

Poro to Danao – 5:00pm

Rates are almost the same for both shipping lines.

Upon arrival on Camotes Island plenty of motorcyle drivers (habal-habal drivers) will be waiting for you. Rates for motorcycle transportation are at a standard fixed rate to every destination. Hence, it may be difficult to bargain.

Lastly, transportation costs on going around the island might cost more than standard rates compared to going around the city.


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